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Moving and storage: a necessary evil. Many people have to move from one place to another, either for personal or business reasons. Moving and storage can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. It’s important to have a good plan in place so that you can make the most of your move and avoid spending unnecessary money. Here are some tips from Movers Experts for helping you plan your move.

Hiring a moving company. Long distance moving can be stressful on the part of the mover. Moving companies offer moving services from their facilities in Ellisville, Ellisville, Ellisville or any other location nationwide. They use packing supplies, equipment and furniture to pack your belongings, and special trucks to transport them to the new location. When hiring a moving company, ask questions about what services are included and what services are offered just for long distance moving.

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Storing your belongings. When you hire a moving company, ask if they provide storage space. Movers can give you a temporary storage space for your items until you find a moving partner or another company to move your belongings to. If you do not have storage space, ask your moving company to use facilities that can ship your items for you to a local storage facility.

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Deciding on the date and time of the move. When it comes to moving, many movers offer flexibility. For instance, if you cannot find a moving partner, moving companies may allow you to have the items picked up from their facilities and delivered on their behalf. This gives you the option of moving sooner than expected and saves you from having to do the packing and loading on your own.

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Storing your belongings. Some moving companies offer on-site storage at their Ellisville or Ellisville headquarters. Other moving companies have contracts with local, regional, and national moving supply companies that provide free moving boxes and tape for a specified period of time. Moving and storage companies may also rent out storage lockers and pallet trucks for storing your belongings. Ask your moving company, how many days of storage rental they offer.

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How you pack and load. As part of the moving process, you will be required to pack all of your belongings. Package choices include tape, boxes, blankets, and plastic storage bins. You will be responsible for moving all of your belongings from your original location to your new home. Ask your moving company what packing procedures they follow to pack your belongings.

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Loading and unloading the moving truck. Once your moving and storage firm have packed and completed moving all of your belongings to your final destination, the movers will deliver your belongings to the main entrance of your new home or business. You will need to load your belongings one at a time in the bed of the truck. Once your belongings have been loaded into the bed of the truck, your moving company driver will drive the truck to the main entrance of the storage facility. You will need to exit the truck and walk toward the storage fence. Your moving company driver will guide you through the gate and then you will need to walk toward the fence and enter the storage facility.

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How you pack and load into your storage unit. When you arrive at your new location, your moving and storage company vehicle will be waiting outside to transport your belongings. The movers will place all of your belongings in your storage container, but some of them will be loaded from the back. To prevent damage to your belongings while being transported to the storage facility, your moving storage company will have an inventory and loading procedure manual that you will need to follow. All of the inventory instructions and procedures will be clearly marked. If your moving storage company does not provide you with a detailed inventory of your belongings, ask your storage facility manager to request that they do so.

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