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When moving a piano from one place to another, it’s very important that you know what steps to take in order to get it safely out of the car and into the new home. A piano moving cart (or skidboard) is the stable foundation for almost every piano move. They come equipped with the right divots to securely support your piano while the moving truck makes the transport of the piano much easier. Once the truck is empty, the sideboard is collapsed and the piano can be slid safely into a storage area or garage. Here are some helpful tips on how to move a piano:

Most local piano movers offer free estimates for long distance moves. This gives you plenty of time to look at your options and prepare yourself mentally. Think about how safe the move might be. Find out if there are any stairs involved or whether the stairs will need to be taken off the property. Ask questions about the company’s safety standards and how they handle their equipment.

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Most professional movers have temporary straps available that fit most upright pianos. However, if yours does require special support, they can make special straps just for them. Make sure these straps are strong enough to hold the weight of the piano and that they have enough width so that the professional movers can tie it down safely and securely. Long distance piano moving does require you to be extra careful; any slip could cause damage to your piano.

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The traditional way to move a piano is by using long, flat straps on a piano moving skid board. These straps have small hooks on each end that fits onto the piano lid. You then strap the piano lid to the skid board, keeping two hands on either side of the lid to steady it. The professional movers will use heavy-duty hydraulic fluid to stop the piano lid from slipping all the way down on the skid board. This technique usually requires two people, and is often very time consuming.

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Many professional movers prefer to use special piano skid boards that enable them to slide the piano lid right onto the skid boards. You simply lift the lid and push it to the desired location on the skid board. These types of skid boards are easier to use, especially for long distance moves. However, it is important that you select quality skid boards or else you may encounter skidding during the move – an accident that could seriously damage your piano.

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If you decide to move your piano by yourself, you must think through all your options and find the safest technique for your move. You can ask for referrals from friends and family who have used local piano movers. Ask them about the type of equipment and manpower that they used, and about their experience with the local movers. You can also check with the local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints filed against the piano mover you are considering.

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There are two different methods of moving pianos, which are commonly referred to as “high cross country” and “low cross country.” High cross country moving is when the piano is packed into an open vehicle such as a van, and the lid is jacked up so that the lid is on the piano the entire trip. Low cross country moving method is when the piano is transported using a specially designed dolly that is fitted with padded flooring. Once the dolly is fitted, the piano and all of its accompanying instruments (including the piano keys) are secured in place with felt tape. Then, the dolly is transported via a ramp in a vehicle that is set on top of the ground, and the dolly is lowered onto the moving vehicle.

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The average cost to move an upright piano is about $150. The actual price will vary depending on how far the piano needs to be moved, and whether or not special equipment is required. Local movers will be able to give you more information about these costs. In addition, if you are interested in having your piano professionally relocated, call a local piano mover company for more details about the average cost to move a piano across state, county and city lines.

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